Skarn is a World of Warcraft modmaking project. However, it's not based on World of Warcraft universe.


Skarn Map

We're trying to build a completely new world with our own lore and content. On this wiki you can see the development progress and read our lore ideas. If you're skilled in worldbuilding (Noggit), serverside modding (C++/LUA/DBC) or UI programming (LUA/GlueXML) feel free to join us and contribute. You can contact us via e-mail:

The project is not commercial. We do not and will not get any money from it. All the work is volounteer and just for fun. 

All World of Warcraft parts (game engine, assets) belongs to Blizzard Entertainment. The serverside software belongs to TrinityCore and Mangos. 

Follow the development process

Here you will be able to see some new screenshots and get the latest news about the project's development.

  • Road to Glory Battlegoround1
  • Road of Glory Battleground
  • Dwarven Mountains
  • Dwarven Mountains <test>
  • Alpha Login Screen 3D Scene Development
  • Login Screen Mountains Almost Finished
  • Some model spawning
  • Random Raid
  • Playing with skyboxes
  • Groundeffects!
  • Go to Canyons - Environment Test
  • Canyons - Sanctuary
  • Canyons - Sanctuary 2
  • Raid
  • Port
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